Thursday, March 3, 2011

**FIFTH GIVEAWAY** Madame Deals, Inc wants to show you off!!!

I can see it now...your name...up in LIGHTS!!!  So can Madame Deals, Inc!  She's offering (hold on to your seat here) FREE advertising for a MONTH on her local deals page (that's a $50 value)!! 
Madame Deals, Inc.To enter, you must like her page via link above OR you can follow by RSS feed on the blog (I suggest BOTH!).  By the way, she has close to 5000 followers, so you are looking at mega-traffic!  This will end on Saturday March 5th at 6pm CST.  Good luck and you all are AWESOME!!!


  1. Now following you on GFC, I follow madame deals on FB & RSS Feed.

  2. Awesome!